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Welcome to Essen & Co.

Who we are

Essen & Co was founded by the eminent scientist and industrialist Dr N Jayaram, M.A., D,Sc., A,I,ISc., A.R.I.C., F.A.Sc. in 1944 and has now grown to be well known throughout India and also in several countries abroad as a firm of repute in the field of inspection and sampling, analysis and testing, survey and supervision.

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of testing and analysis services for organisations across industries

Laboratory Equipments

We have state-of-the-art equipments for a wide spectrum of testing and analysis


National Accredition Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL)

Why choose Essen & Co. Laboratories

Why choose us

Essen & Co. is accepted as accredited third party guarantee by banks, government departments and undertakings, importers & exporters, insurance companies.

Well Equipped

Our labs are well equipped to carry out testing & analysis as per standard specifications for several commodities and currently undertake the testing & analysis of over 1500 samples a month.

Highly Qualified Personal

Essen & Co. has regular committee members on various panels of Bureau of Indian Standards and has also served as co-opted member of the Export Inspection Council of India.


Essen & Co. is NABL & ISO 9001:2015 certified and recognized as Private Inspection Agency by the Export Inspection Council of India, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.