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Welcome to Essen & Co.

Who we are

Essen & Co was founded by the eminent scientist and industrialist Dr. N. Jayaram, MA, D.Sc., A.I.I.Sc., A.R.I.C., F.A.Sc., in 1944 and has now grown to be well known throughout India and also in several countries abroad as a firm of repute in the field of inspection and sampling analysis and testing, survey and supervision.

Essen & Co., is approved by the export inspection council, Ministry of commerce, Government of India. Essen & Co., has a team of highly qualified chemists, geologists, field supervisors and inspectors headed by our experts. Several of the company's personnel have served on national & international technical advisory & policy making bodies and have actively contributed to the formulations of standards and methods of inspection and quality control.

Our Capabilities

Essen & Co., laboratories are well equipped to carry out testing and analysis as per standard specifications for several commodities and currently undertake the testing and analysis of over 1500 samples a month. Essen & Co's., expert services are routinely engaged by various organisations for sampling and testing of raw materials, finished products, water, effluents etc.

Essen & Co., has a well stocked library containing important standard specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards, ASTM, ISO, AOSC, PHARMACOPOEA besides several reference books pertaining to testing and analysis.

Essen & Co., has regular committee members on various panels of Bureau of Indian Standards and has also served as co-opted member of the Export Inspection Council of India. Essen & Co., has a network of branches, laboratories and representative offices at important ports, procurement centres and rail heads to ensure prompt service to customers. Arrangements can also be made to depute personnel to any unrepresented areas for operation of work to be executed.